The focus area is more important than the connection

Today Fox News John Moody are comparing Donald Trumps promises with strengthening the military in US with Swedens ambitions to reinstate compulsory military service. We call it ”plikt” here in Sweden. The word is Google translated to ”call of duty” and refers mostly to a time when the Cold War was present and the idea of a large scale invasion from the Sovjet Union. 

The Sovjet Union was very worried about the Swedish connection to the United States during the Cold War. Today that worry is translated to a Swedish partnership with Nato. Like in the United States the Swedish relationship with Russia is handled with uttermost care. It’s literally hands off

When Russia demonstrated their new aircraft over the Baltic Sea 2015 the Swedish military was more impressed than scared. In late September there will be a crucial exercise in Sweden with Nato forces – even though the word Nato isn’t named in the prescription. The countries are Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Norway and USA. 

You must go back to Cold War to find a exercise of that scale. It’s named Aurora 17 and according to Supreme Commander Michael Bydén engaging 16,000 soldiers. 

The imminent threats are of different characters.

The Swedish Finance Inspection, even locally called Finance Police, could today give a report in detail about how radical Muslims are using  the Swedish welfare system. How they silently are preparing for a war here in Sweden through joining terrorist groups abroad. Among the banned countries are Libya. 

Swedish Security police has about 150 returning trrrorist soldiers to watch over today. This is nothing comparing to France who has 1,430 joining terrorist groups. If they count like us it would give you 715 returners who probably could act as sleeping cells and act on command to bring out terrorist attacks.  

Even 2,500 are joining terrorist groups from Russia. 

Now then ISIS is on retreat in Mosul and started in October at the same time Donald Trump pointed out ISiS as the main enemy. During Barack Obamas time in office they could control Mosul for two years. ”If I’m saying no to Crimea I’m weak and if I’m saying yes I’m staring a Third World War”, said Trump during his campaign. He also pointed  out the funding of Hillary Clintons campaign.