Dying industries and military roaring back to life

”Dying industries will come roaring back to life”, said president Donald Trump during his speech to the congress the 28th of February. The idea is to bring back the global company’s investors to USA but also starting up miners with ”clean coal”. Well,  it took me about one minute to kill that myth through a search and the picture is polluted:

Coal provides 40 percent of the world’s electricity. It produces 39 percent of global CO₂ emissions. It kills thousands a year in mines, many more with polluted air.

How is it possible that Donald Trump doesn’t care about the climate change? Or even the health. According to Wikipedia the coal miners in USA where in 1923 about 863,000 and in our time 65,400. I can’t even imagine that this amount will increase to peak the 1923 record with Donald Trump. 

There’s no wrong with having a optimistic view, but when it comes to our new awareness about the costs to the environment we should think of our children’s future too. Well, hopefully that amount of workers will increase. 

Another dirty business is military. Who could ever believe that the tensions around the world creates a increase to our military defense? Even that seems to be a necessity since democracy in Middle East seems as far away as possible and nowadays affects us with refugees who can see our western lifestyle through Facebook?

Partly it’s understandable that Donald Trump is protecting the workers even if it’s affects the environment. He’s coming at the same level as China. But Beijing seems not to be a very attractive place to live.

Of course I can’t brag so much even though I live in Sweden. SSAB at Oxelösund is the worst polluter in Sweden, but also the main place to work on in Oxelösund. They have till 2020 to find a solution to melt steal without coal, but there’s no success there. 

What Donald Trump probably means with clean coal is that the smog is limited. That seems to be possible. But the climate effect is still there.

When Trump is leading the western coutries who a depending on Nato to raise their defense budget it effects even a peaceful country as Sweden. We are not in Nato – but one thing is for sure – we don’t want to belong to Russia. 

Aurora 17 is the big joint exercise for military here in Sweden in autumn. It’s supposed to happen all over the country but the fictional enemy will arrive from the area Oxelösund and Nyköping. Of course USA will be present which brings a extra thrill to the fysical war game that will involve 19,000 men and women. 

So, it’s just not the industry here that can roar back to life. Even the military can do it with some extra billions in their pockets. Today the government, according to SVT, will announce that 13,000 young people will be called and 4,000 will be chosen to make military service. 

This is of cause also a necessity. Like the coal industry the military has lost a lot of credibility after years of depletion. A responsibility that Donald Trump has threatened to cut since Nato is paying 70 percent of the European costs. 

The question is not longer Nato or not. Instead the question is if you’re going to pay or not. The free riders days are counted.