Blunder about Oscar and getting the facts right

Today I’m spending a little time at the library. That’s perhaps the best place for elderly people who can read newspapers from every place here in Sweden but also the national newspapers. ”La la land” got mixed for receiving an Oscar for best picture but when the blunder was discovered it went to ”Moonlight”.

What else could get more wrong and considered as a blunder? The title of Nils Bildt who blames Fox News for mixing with titles. He’s not an Swedish defense and national advisor. More confusing is that Ann-Sofie Näslund from Expressen didn’t know that. Well, she was actually reporting about Academy Awards to Expressen – so the information couldn’t come through crosstalking. Instead it needed to cross the Atlantic to get right.

Most people blame Donald Trump for not checking facts right, but the epidemic behavior has now become a global issue. 

Wasn’t it a coincidence that it was a blunder about Sweden at the 89th of Oscar? Who could believe that about Sweden? No, this time it wasn’t Donald Trump or Fox News – it was the Academy Awards presenter Faye Dunaway.

Here in Sweden the expectation was high on ”A man called Ove” who lives in the villa suburbs and starts to help a refugee who is gay. They compared Ove with Trump because both are at the same age and angry. Well, but Ove didn’t have a younger wife… Sorry for spoiling the movie. Rolf Lassgård is one of our greatest actors.

Ann-Sofie Näslund know at least that the women who come from Muslim countries don’t feel safe. According to other sources the men are dominating the public room at the Muslim areas or exposed areas as we say here. We don’t even call it terrorism – instead ”violent affirming extremism”. Nalin Pekul says that:

What politicians say and do, and what journalists highlights, is crucial for women in Sweden to gain their freedom. The debate must continue ”

That Nalin Pekul is giving a other picture of the situation gives more fuel to the debate, which has started here in Sweden. But DN which I’m reading now doesn’t mention anything about the women’s situation in the exposed areas. 

This gives Donald Trump more right than ever that ”the Swedish people know what I’m talking about”. It’s a propaganda war between the establishment and the others. Ingvar Persson, the editor at Aftonbladet writes:

And then it must be addressed. It’s actually not populism to demand justice.

He’s almost doing the same trick as Michel Moore. Or Trump who’s accusing consultants for sucking money. Ingvar Carlsson says:

We must keep an eye on those in power, even if their wages do not reach the top of the Directors.

Most of my friends are today talking about the refugee situation and the Muslim community that is growing. 

I belong to the positive to immigration, but here at the blog I’m approaching  a more critical cultural aspect in the debate.